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Flood Zone Specialists has helped thousands of Michigan families,
saving them tens of millions of dollars.

We are not just surveyors. We are experienced experts with a deep understanding of flood insurance, flood management, and construction issues, and we are uniquely capable of providing authoritative consultation to homeowners, Builders, and Developers in need.

Our team has over 100 years of combined professional surveying experience, as well as experience in construction, flood plain management, municipal surveying, and other specialized disciplines. Our advanced Surveying procedures, and high level GPS equipment provides accurate elevations which enables us to get the most accurate assessment possible of your home’s actual flood risk. Our professionalism, experience, and excellent working relationships with regulatory agencies and local governments ensure that forms and paperwork are completed and processed correctly and promptly.

The result: Big savings – and peace of mind. Can we help everyone? Of course not. But in the majority of cases, we are successful in reclassifying our clients’ homes out of high risk categories, eliminating the need for costly and unnecessary insurance. In cases where insurance is required, we can usually provide expert consultation that reduces risk – and dramatically cuts premiums.

Beat back the rising tide of flood insurance costs. Flood Zone Specialists can help. Contact us today for a free preliminary flood risk assessment.

Service area: Flood Zone Specialists serves residential and commercial customers throughout the entirety of Michigan, including the Upper Peninsula.

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