Three Reasons to Hire a Professional Flood Zone Surveyor

Flood Zone Image from ClientIf your property is in a flood zone, it may be time to talk to a professional surveyor about your flood risk. Flood insurance premiums continue to rise as regulations continually change. Unnecessary flood insurance plagues many home and business owners, resulting in extremely high rates. Whether you have seen an increase in your insurance premium, just purchased property that requires flood insurance, or just want to know how you can reduce your rates, a professional flood zone specialist can help you save money.

What Factors Determine Flood Insurance Costs

Many factors influence how your flood insurance policy is rated. Those factors include the following:

  • In what flood zone is your property located? There are different risk zones used when factoring what kind of coverage you need for your property. Low-risk zones require less insurance coverage, while high-risk zones require more.
  • The age of your structure. The age of your structure can factor into your rating.
  • In what community is your property located? Some communities have floodplain management policies that are proactive and reduce the insurance payments required of those within the community.
  • What is the elevation of your lowest floor? The difference between the elevation of your lowest floor and the base flood elevation weighs heavily on your flood insurance rates. If you are in a flood zone that leaves your lowest level well below the base flood elevation, your rates will be higher.
  • The amount of flood insurance required. The more expensive the value of your property, the higher the insurance coverage you will need. Some states and lenders also require a minimum coverage amount.

Why Hire a Professional Flood Zone Surveyor

Now that you understand flood insurance costs, you want to know why you need a flood zone surveyor. When looking for a surveyor, you don’t want just anyone. You want a professional surveyor. Let’s look at a few of the reasons you should hire a specialist to survey your property.

Professional Flood Zone Specialists Understand the Rules of FEMA

FEMA has created strict, specific regulatory requirements for properties located in a flood zone. In addition to the rules initially set in place by FEMA, the regulations continue to change. A professional flood zone surveyor knows what it takes to navigate existing rules. They also are on top of new regulations. They have the knowledge and expertise you need to avoid costly fines that result from the strict enforcement of these rules.

Surveyors Understand What Determines Insurance Premiums

Since many different factors determine the rates of your flood insurance, it can be challenging to be sure you are getting the coverage you need at a price that is affordable. A professional flood zone specialist will look at factors such as the age of your structure. Structures built before the original Flood Insurance Rate Map, or FIRM, can benefit from substantial savings. When mapping a structure into a Special Flood Hazard Area, or SFHA, by a map revision, there could be savings as well. Most surveyors understand the information needed to present these essential details to whoever is rating your policy and get you the savings you need.

Professional Flood Zone Surveyors are Impartial

There are a variety of factors that can increase the cost of your insurance premium. Flood zone insurance companies are part of a competitive market. When you hire a professional surveyor, you will get the professional elevation measurement services you need from someone who is impartial. Surveyors can aid you with the expertise you need to navigate insurance companies to give you the rate you deserve.

Properties that lie in a flood zone are required to have flood insurance. That doesn’t mean you should pay high premiums. Get the best insurance premiums rates for your property when you hire a professional flood zone surveyor. At Flood Zone Specialists, we have helped thousands of property owners save money on their flood insurance. Talk to a certified flood zone surveyor today to get the best insurance rates for your property needs.

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